October 17, 2021

Dick Moore

Welcome to Proper Mental episode 42!

My guest this week is Dick Moore!

Dick Moore became a mental health campaigner after his son died by suicide at the age of 21.

He is now is an internationally recognised speaker who visits businesses and schools all over the world to talk to pupils, teachers and parents about the challenges of adolescence and the signs and symptoms of mental health disorders.

Dick has also been an English teacher, rugby coach and spent 20 years as a Headmaster, he is a Mental Health First Aid instructor and Tedx speaker.

On this episode we chat about his work in schools and how the school system can affect young people.  We chat about his family and the tragic death of his son, Barney.  We chat about teenage brain development, the difficulties of being a young person, building emotional resilience and learning to dance in the rain.

You can learn more about Dick and his work on his website www.dickmoore.org.

You can watch his powerful Tedx Talk here:

Dancing or drowning in the rain? | Dick Moore | TEDxExeter - YouTube

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October 11, 2021

Ben Wakeling

Welcome to Proper Mental episode 41!

My guest this week is Ben Wakeling!

Ben Wakeling is a full-time artist who works for the NHS, delivering his own expressive arts program for NHS mental health secure units across London. 

He also runs The Outsider Gallery, London's first and innovative art gallery, exhibiting original works from NHS trusts in Forensic, CAMHS, secure units, care settings and the excluded.

Ben’s work is fascinating and very hard to describe or put in a box.  If you Google him, you will see lots of descriptive words like innovative, radical or unorthodox and that alone should tell you that this is a fascinating conversation!

Ben and I chat about his work in the NHS and how he uses art and creativity to connect with patients on secure wards.

We chat about his gallery and how he started it and we talk about mental health graffiti.

It was incredible to hear about Ben’s work and how he connects with excluded or marginalised patients within the NHS.  To hear him describe how he integrates himself on to wards and connects with the people on them is fascinating!

It’s a wonderful conversation and it is wonderful to know that someone like Ben is out there doing what he does in the mental health space.

You can find out more about Ben on his website benwakeling.wixsite.com Home | Mysite (wixsite.com)

You can follow The Outsider Gallery on social media @outsidergallerylondon

and you can read a great article about him here: This gallery shows art exclusively by mental health patients | Dazed (dazeddigital.com)

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October 7, 2021

Jessica Robson

Welcome to Proper Mental episode 40!

My guest this time around is Jess Robson!

In October 2017 Jess was dealing with a dark period of depression and she found that running and the outdoors enabled her to open up and talk about her mental health.

She started Run Talk Run to make being open about mental health less intimidating and it has grown steadily in to a global running community.  Jess has also launched Walk Talk Walk which is exactly the same, without the jogging.

Jess and I talk about starting a community and watching grow and the ups and downs that come with that process, we chat about the benefits of running on mental health but also the negatives and we chat about the power of holding space for others in need.

We also chat about her own struggles with depression and bulimia, we chat about how physically challenging it can be to start running but why it’s worth it.

You can follow Jess on social media @jessicamaryrobson as well as @runtalkrun and @walktalkwalk.

To find a group in your area, check out www.runtalkrun.com

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October 4, 2021


Welcome to Proper Mental Episode 39!

My guest this week is the recording artist, TED speaker and mental health advocate, Shocka!

Shocka first became known as part of the collective Marvell and toured with the likes of Chip and Skepta and also spent time in the studio with Drake and Rhianna.  After the group were eventually dropped from their label, Shocka felt his mental health start to decline and he ended up being sectioned three times over the next few years.

When he delivered his TED Talk, his focus was on self-love which he believes is part of the solution to mental health issues like depression and anxiety.  By teaching someone how to love and appreciate themselves – no matter what their background or identity is – he believes it will drastically improve their ability to go through life positively.

Shocka and I chat about his journey in the music industry and what it’s like to blow up at a young age and what happens when the momentum stops.

We chat about being sectioned, using social media for good, masculinity in the hip hop community and of course we chat about self-love and how he used the concept to recover and rebuild his mental health.

This story has everything and Shocka’s attitude and personality are incredibly infectious!  He’s a really cool dude and I had a blast chatting to him.

You can connect with Shocka on Instagram @shocka_artist.  The link for his TED party is here:

Self love is the glue that puts us back together | Shocka | TEDxLondon - YouTube

And you can watch the Self Love video we chat about here:

Shocka - Self Love (ft. Brook Baili) [Official Video] - YouTube

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September 27, 2021

Claire Eastham

Welcome to Proper Mental episode 38!

This week I’m joined by Claire Eastham who is regarded as one of the UK's foremost mental health bloggers.

Claire has also had over 371 panic attacks and this episode is all about anxiety, panic and fear.

We chat about feeling a bit anxious versus anxiety as a condition.  We chat about the new social media trend of mental health “coaching” and we chat about panic attacks, social situations and what it’s like to live an anxious life.

We chat about childhood, society, panic in the workplace and writing blogs and books.

We really go down the rabbit hole on this one!  Claire has so much knowledge on this subject, as well as lived experience and she puts it all together in a really fun and engaging way!  She was lovely to chat to and I really got a lot from this episode.  I hope you do to!

You can read all of Claire’s blogs on her website www.allmadhere.co.uk and you can follow her on social media @claireeasthamuk.

Her books are available in all bookshops and I highly recommend her most recent book ‘F**k, I think I’m Dying’ and we talk about it a lot during our chat.

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Welcome to Proper Mental Episode 37!

This week I’m joined by Brendan and Matthew from the Bottoming Podcast!

The aim of Bottoming is to show that although anyone can suffer from poor mental health, it can and does impact LGBTQ+ people on a larger scale and I felt like that was an important conversation for me to have!

As a straight, cisgender male I’ve had a very different journey to Brendan, Matthew and the guests they speak to but mental health doesn’t discriminate at all and I believe that it’s really beneficial for me (and you) to hear from all sides.

We chat about the additional challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community and how this affects mental health and wellbeing.  We chat about homophobia, being unable to truly be open about who you are and the importance of open conversation about sexual identity and gender identity.

I think sometimes we can avoid conversations about things we don’t fully understand because we are scared of getting something wrong but the only way to truly feel compassion and empathy for other people is by listening and sharing openly and that’s exactly what Brendan, Matthew and I do on this episode and I hope you get something from it!

You can connect with Matthew and Brendan on all socials @bottomingpod

The website is here Bottoming Podcast and the podcast is available on all platforms!

You can catch up with me on social media @propermentalpodcast and Instagram is probably your best bet!  Email me through the website www.propermentalpodcast.com!

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September 16, 2021

The Noisy Brain

Welcome to Proper Mental episode 36!

I’m joined by Stu Mills, the creator of the Noisy Brain!

The Noisy Brain is an app connects writers and musicians in the mental health space to encourage creative collaboration. 

Stu previously worked for some of the world’s most famous advertising agencies and his work took him around the world until he finally settled in Singapore.

It was in Singapore that he re-encountered his mental health demons. During the year of 2019 saw a lengthy period of depression, suicidal thoughts and 'self-medicating' with prolonged bouts of alcohol abuse.

He was then caught on video in an altercation with a local after a night out. Widespread outrage and a social media storm forced him into a self-inflicted lockdown.

The 6 months that followed were some of the darkest, but this was also when his transformation started to take place, Stu was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, underwent therapy, counselling and also served a short time in Singapore’s notorious Changi prison.

It’s an incredibly honest conversation and Stu and I chat about depression, ADHD, alcohol abuse and the effects of trial by social media.

We also chat about his app The Noisy Brain, an incredible resource for connection, community and creativity within the mental health space.

You can learn more about The Noisy Brain via the website HOME (thenoisybrain.com) or via social media @thenoisybrainer.

You can download the app for free in all the usual app stores!

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September 13, 2021

Dudes & Dogs

Welcome to Proper Mental episode 35!

My guest this week is Rob Osman, the founder of Dudes & Dogs!

Dudes and Dogs is a wellbeing community for men to head out in to nature, with their dogs, and talk about anything they need to talk about.

Rob’s mission is to help men associate more openly with their emotions and their ability to express them, by redefining what masculinity means to individuals, regardless of social pressure or expectation.

Started in 2019 after Rob’s own struggles with anxiety and depression, they now have several groups over the U.K that are led by fully trained Dog Dudes.

They also have also extended to D&D Military, a men's mental health support group providing a safe space for men to open up and share the mental stress that they are holding onto.  As well as offering wellbeing consultancy packages for employers and businesses up and down the country.

You may also have heard Rob on BBC 6 Music or caught him being interviewed by Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh on the tele!

Rob and I chat about his own mental health journey, the idea behind D&D and how it’s grown.  We chat masculinity, community, music, emotions and all sorts of other mental health related stuff!

You can connect with learn more about D&D via their website

Dudes & Dogs | Dudes & Dogs C.I.C. (dudesndogs.co.uk)

or on Instagram @dudes_anddogs or Facebook Dudes & Dogs | Facebook

And you can watch Rob on the BBC here:

BBC iPlayer - Take Off with Bradley & Holly - Series 1: Episode 2

You can contact me about the podcast or anything else at all on social media @propermentalpodcast or email me from www.propermentalpodcast.co.uk.

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September 6, 2021

Frank Turner

Welcome to Proper Mental Episode 34 and my guest this week is Frank Turner!

Frank Turner is a successful, internationally charting, award-winning singer and songwriter of consequential folk-punk-pop rebel songs.

His music covers topics like atheism, sexism, excessive drinking, and the power of rock & roll.

Originally a member of the punk band Million Dead, Frank went solo in 2005.  He was released 8 albums, 4 compilations, 1 best of and 5 E. P’s.  He has sold out Wembley arena, played over 2500 shows, including the London 2012 Olympic ceremony and now he’s added The Proper Mental Podcast to that impressive list!

I cannot thank Frank enough for his time and his honesty!  We chat about mental health and rock n roll, looking after yourself on tour, writing about tough subjects and the importance of doing things for other people.

Frank was also very open about his own issues with substance abuse and his experience with CBT therapy.

As a long-time fan of Frank and his music, this was a very special and surreal moment for me and luckily, Frank was lovely!

You can get tickets for Frank’s upcoming shows via his website www.frank-turner.com and you can get his music absolutely everywhere!

You can follow the podcast on all social platforms @propermentalpodcast and you can get in touch with me there or via www.propermentalpodcast.com.

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August 30, 2021

Becky Goddard-Hill

Welcome to Proper Mental episode 33!

My guest this week is Becky Goddard-Hill!

Becky Goddard-Hill is a multi-award-winning writer and children's therapist with a post-grad in Psychotherapy.

She previously worked in social work as a child development trainer and as a children's bereavement therapist before having her own children.

She is the author of the ‘Create Your Own’ book series that deals with children’s happiness, emotional resilience, anxiety, worries, and happiness.

We chat about raising emotionally healthy children, allowing children to feel and vocalise their feelings, the importance of nature, building confidence and empowerment.

I really got a lot out of this one and everything we chat about is applicable to children of all ages and adults as well!

Becky has so much experience in this area and she was able to offer up loads of useful tools and ideas and really gave me an incredible insight in to the ways our childhood can shape our mental health as we journey through life.

Here’s the link for the Happiful Magazine article that I mention in the intro:

How to teach kids self-kindness (happiful.com)

You can connect with Becky on social media @beckygoddardhill and @emotionallyhealthy_kids and you can read all of her blogs via her website A Beautiful Space –.  Her books are available in all retailers.

If you’d like to chat to me about anything at all then I’m on all social platforms @propermentalpodcast and I’m always happy to have a chat!  You can read a bit more about what I’m doing with the podcast on www.propermentalpodcast.com and you can email from there too!

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