July 11, 2022

Daragh Fleming

Welcome to episode 88 with Daragh Fleming, a writer, poet and mental health advocate from Cork, Ireland.

Daragh started talking and writing about mental health after his own experiences with mental ill health.  He found that writing allowed him to process his thoughts and feelings in a positive way and this led to him setting up the award nominated blog Thoughts Too Big.

The roots of Daragh’s own mental health struggles started after his childhood best friend died by suicide and it was after he started to experience panic attacks that he decided to undergo therapy and start unpicking the grief around this tragic event.

Daragh and I caught up to talk about learning to actually feel feelings, about writing, grief and his love of travel.

We also chat about navigating the world as an introvert, getting triggered by social media and building good mental health routines.

Daragh and I have been Instagram pals for a while now, so it was awesome to meet properly and have a really good chat!

You can connect with Daragh on social media @daraghfleming or @thoughts2big or via his website www.thoughtstoobig.ie

His newest poetry collection Poems That Were Written On Trains, But Weren't Written About Trains is out now and you can get it here:  Poems That Were Written On Trains, But Weren't Written About Trains by Daragh Fleming | Waterstones

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Thanks for listening!

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